Friday, March 8, 2013

"No concerns."

The title is a quote from my oncologist, when she called with the MRI results after three days during which I was either insanely productive due to being frantic or completely frozen due to being frantic. In any case, the news is good, and I could not be more relieved. Her call came in the middle of a snowstorm with coastal flooding that had me working from home, so I was able to shout a lot once I got off the phone.

While being frantic I did finish Midnight's Children, and I know I was distracted but it started to drag heavily at the end. I am not going to argue against its cultural rank as the Booker of Bookers - it's pretty amazing - but it's too long by about 250 pages. And if you don't have access to Indian food the entire time you are reading it you will be cranky.

While Claudio's parents are out of town I am dogsitting their tiny Bichon, who likes to sit on the back of couches. My battered, dog-chewed couch cushions gradually sink under him, until the only thing holding them up is me, and when I get up for more tea he slowly rides the cushion's collapse down. It is both sad and hilarious. As a breed designed for the circus, he's adept at avoiding injury - I've never seen a dog who untangles himself from a tangled leash with such brisk facility. So it's mostly hilarious.

Anyway, off to enjoy my weekend now that I have been given the good news. May you all enjoy it as well!

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